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About this blog, me, and related links.

About This Blog

This blog is Kotet’s study notes. It may contains false information because I’m a beginner. The source of this site is in GitHub. If you find:

in this blog, Please create issue or pull request.



No official pronunciation of “Kotet”. You can pronounce as you like.

I drawn the image above few years ago. I am not good at drawing, and this is my best painting. I can’t draw an image with same quality, forever.

I often write programs using D programming language. But because of I’m a beginner, I still can’t system programming.

坂 一哲 : Ban Kazutoshi

I’m studying Computer and Information Science at Aichi Prefectural University.

Online Accounts

Twitter : @kotetttt

GitHub : @kotet

AtCoder : @kotet

Qiita : @kotet

Niconico : @kotet

Facebook : @kazutoshi.ban.7

LINE : QR code

Bitcoin : 1PqMAkVY5GbmgfXs1ogJv2uWpsaf6yMhKY

Ethereum : 0xcBC1160e9F806d3a7D7FdB624fAce3d0841Af853